Economic Model

What is Origin D?

Origin D is the reward token for Dsdaq, the next generation financial assets trading platform. Each Origin D represents a part of future earnings of Dsdaq. Dsdaq will repurchase the Origin D every year using the accumulated dividend of the Dsdaq Community Fund.

Is Origin D an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)?

No. This is not an ICO because we won't raise any money from the public. All tokens are given to Dsdaq users for FREE.

How to get free Origin D?

There are two ways to get free Origin D:

Everyone can get free tokens as bonus by pre-subscribe, sign-up, follow Dsdaq Twitter and FB, or refer friends to join Dsdaq.

We also have a "Bounty Program" for enthusiastic users. You can sign up as community volunteers, and our staff will contact you. You can decide in which way you can help Dsdaq community to grow! Translation, creating/sharing articles or videos, posting comments and reviews on App stores, being active on social media, etc., and you will get reward token for your contributions!

67% of Origin D are programmed to be freely given to users who use the Dsdaq service according to the POT (Proof of Transaction) consensus algorithm. The distribution formula is:


It means that the number of Origin D a user receives = the user's trading volume of the day on Dsdaq / Dsdaq's total trading volume of the day (24 hours)*the number of Origin D available for allocation on that day

We'll explain the details later.

Why do we distribute Origin D for free? What is the relationship between the value of Origin D and the community users?

We decided to distribute Origin D for free because we believe the value of Origin D comes from every single user of the Dsdaq community.

The two ways mentioned above are the two propellers that drive the value of Origin D up. On the one hand, every user promotes Dsdaq in different ways to help Dsdaq gain more users, and more users repeat the process; on the other hand, users receive free Origin D by using Dsdaq, continually injecting new funds into the community fund and building up stronger consensus on Origin D and attracting more users to join in.

As it goes on and on, the value of Origin D will be continuously boosted to higher level.

What is the total amount of Origin D?

Total amount of Origin D is 1 billion, in which 67% will be give to Dsdaq users according to the Prove of Transaction consensus; 23% will be rewarded to community members, and 10% will be reserved for team incentives.

What is the value of each Origin D?

The global standard financial product transaction volume (including Stock, ETF, bond, Option, Commodity, Forex, Crypto) is about 3,000 trillion US dollars per year and is growing annually.

A rough estimation is that Dsdaq will occupy 0.001% of the global financial asset trading volume in the first year, and then grow at a certain rate every year.

Dsdaq will take 0.02% of the total transaction volume for the Dsdaq Community Fund to repurchase the Origin D.

According to the deflation function set in the smart contract in advance, the number of Origin D that is freely rewarded to the user each year is reduced year by year.

The table below shows a rough evaluation of Origin D’s price over the next decade. Community users can also try to predict the future value of Origin D based on their own assumptions and valuation models.

What is Prove of Transaction?

The number of Origin D a user can get in 24 hours =

The user's transaction volume on Dsdaq in 24 hours / Total transaction volume of Dsdaq in 24 hours

X the amount of Origin D available for the day

Because the leverage of certain asset classes is several times or even tens of times bigger than that of other types, when counting a user's trading volume, we will sum up a weighted average trading volume so that to reflect the actual contribution of each trading user to the community. The adjustment factor is as follows:

Every day at 5 AM Greenwich Mean Time, the system will automatically settle the Origin D of the previous Greenwich Mean Time Natural Day. All users who have traded on this day will receive the reward Origin D tokens.

According to the POT algorithm, every 90 days the number of newly issued Origin D would be reduced by 5% compared to the previous cycle, but in each circle, the number of Origin D will be allocated evenly every day.

Why you should join Origin D community RIGHT NOW?

Just like the rocket launching, the initial three-level boost is crucial for the rocket escaping the Earth's gravity. To give back to the early Origin D community members, we adopted a deflation mechanism at the time of token issuance, the number of newly issued Origin D will automatically decrease every three months according to a pre-set function. Meanwhile, users and trading volume of Dsdaq will keep on growing. Obviously, early birds will get much more origin Ds than late adopters. The later to join in, the more difficulties to get Origin D.

The figure below shows the number of Origin D rewarded to users in each of the next 100 cycles (corresponding to 25 years). We can see that most of the tokens would be awarded in the first several years.