Dsdaq and Origin D are still in early days,
and there is a long way to go before it becomes the major trading platform.

The roadmap is based on important steps towards our destination.

Dec 2018 - Mar 2019


Dsdaq starts from a singularity point. We carried out market investigations, designed and polished business models, consulted industry leaders, and develop the Beta version. The team sets its sights on building the revolutionary global trading platform.

Mar 2019 - Dec 2019

Initial thrust

We incorporated blockchain technologies, developed and tested an advanced trading platform. Dsdaq will be officially launched in Dec 2019.

Q1-Q3 2020


During this period, we will dominate targeted markets, at the same time upgrading our products and service. The main goal is a rapid user growth hacking, indicating a high likelihood of reaching millions in the future. Once a large base of users has been achieved, a trading platform incorporating the well-designed innovations in blockchain technology can be built and deployed.

Q4 2020

Escaping from the gravity

The big day of Origin D will come! We plan to list Origin D on two major crypto exchanges. We expect that many of those who have made the effort to help Dsdaq to grow will get significant rewards. With D move closer to a functional currency, it's time for every user to get a slice of the cake. We will also expand our service to more regions.



We expect the traditional financial world has been deeply reformed by blockchain technology, and the territory of the financial world has undergone revolutionary changes. Dsdaq will get worldwide recognition as a leading Fin-Tech innovator.